3 Reasons Why Starting A Dropshipping Business Is Best For New Entrepreneurs In 2022


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Do you know the one question you must ask yourself before you launch a business? Here it is. Ask yourself, should I spend thousands of dollars on inventory if I have never sold a product before? Yeah, let’s think about that. Even if you have been in sales before, you were likely in sales for a big company, meaning the entire brand was not on the line if the offer didn’t sell or you couldn’t close the deal. There were safety nets in place and checks and balances and other employees behind the machine, not just you.

If you are brand new to the sales world, you may be flushing thousands of dollars down the drain when you purchase inventory before you even have the foggiest idea how to actually sell. Now, that we understand that, here’s why drop shipping is an absolutely incredible business model for brand new entrepreneurs.

Starting a Dropshipping store is risk free

Number one, it’s financially 99% risk-free. Yes, you heard that right, and it’s because you don’t actually spend a dime on an order until the customer has already paid you for it. So you’re never stuck with merch you can’t sell, nor do you have to front cost just to get started.

Starting a Dropshipping business doesn’t require inventory

Secondly, you don’t have to warehouse products because as drop shippers, our suppliers run our warehouses for us. Instead of having this massive monthly overhead cost, you can just put that money into where it really belongs, which is back into the business.

Starting a Dropshipping business has a low barrier to entry

The third reason is because there are zero barriers to entry. As drop shippers, we don’t need fancy certificates or MBAs or government-approved licenses. There is absolutely nothing holding you back from tapping into this multi-billion dollar per year business model.

My absolute favorite reason why drop shipping is the best business model for new entrepreneurs is location-independent income. You can operate a six or seven-figure brand from your iPhone. No need to ever be tied into one place.

Now, I want to hear from you in the comments. Do you think it makes sense to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on inventory upfront before you know anything about actually running an e-commerce business? I’d love to hear from you.

If you found this video helpful, I’ve got so much more to teach you. Click here to watch my free two-hour training that goes a lot more in depth on each of these touchpoints to give you the absolute best chance at getting started as a brand new dropshipper.

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