The CEO (Chief Enjoyment Officer) of The Luxe Life Academy helping black women escape their 9-5's by building passive income side hustles along with the confidence to just go for it!

When life gave ex-bartender turned digital entrepreneur, Asia Abston, lemons, she built a multi-6-figure lemonade empire. Now guided by a zest for making money passively, Asia unleashes techniques learned from the wealthy to train other women how to build a successful business with dropshipping and revel in a life of luxury. 

With a combination of her podcast ‘Get Rich or Get Drunk Trying’ which features educational episodes on how to make money online, and a must-follow Instagram account, Asia intentionally uses social media to release women from the shackles of unhappiness, scarcity mindsets, and living a subpar life. 

Her straightforward approach, marketing expertise, and tough love make her a favorite among working millennials from coast to coast interested in passive income and building a life of luxury. Asia unapologetically encourages and motivates her 50,000+ followers to reach their full potential while providing daily support, inspiration, and reality checks about the unemployment rate, gender pay gaps, and of course, dropshipping.

With a rapidly growing impact, Asia has been recognized by Black Enterprise for her work teaching 2,000+ women six-figure digital entrepreneurship strategies such as content marketing, Instagram marketing, podcasting, and her #1 choice for financial freedom – dropshipping.

You’ll most likely spot Asia courtside at a Heat’s game or taking first-class trips at the last minute. But don’t worry – she knows how to run her businesses on autopilot so she’s making money while making memories across the globe.

As long as you have a cell phone, wi-fi, and a hunger for more in life, Asia can help you launch the passive income business of your dreams. Want to join the thousands of women who discovered how to use dropshipping for financial freedom?

Catch Asia during one of her free training sessions here.


Ways to Learn More with Asia


Veuve Clicquot Polo Picnic in Beverly Hills

The Veuve Clicqout Polo Picnic was everything! You can’t go wrong with a “Pretty Woman” moment. I grabbed some of my closest girlfriends and brought them out to L.A. for the chicest, champagne-soaked afternoon of my life. Oh and… I made the best-dressed guest list, what a time.


Chilling with my puppy


My favorite city in the world Dubai

My girls and I are professional “brunchers” lol. If there is a fabulous brunch with amazing food and vibes we are there! So much so that we went all the way to Dubai to hit this restaurant. Ce’ La Vi sits 55 stories up in one of the finest buildings in Dubai. Michelin star food is sent out with endless cocktails and champagne. The restaurant had belly dancers, fire breathers and a live band perform during our brunch. But the afternoon was not complete until I took this insane photo out on the deck area with the iconic Burj Khalifa. #Obsessed


Paris Nights

Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world even though I don’t speak one word of French lol. After leaving the best cabaret show in the world at the Crazy Horse I took this photo in front of the Arc de triomphe. in January in 40 degree weather at 3am! I was literally shivering but anything for the shot! This will forever be my fav photo of myself.


The most fab restaurant –

The Mayfair Supper Club

Viva las Vegas! I saw the Mayfair Supper Club one day on Instagram and I knew immediately that I had to add it to my must-visit list. And baby, it delivered! The decor, the cotton candy cocktails, the live jazz band and the service were all perfection. I waited until the entire bar closed for this shot but it was worth it.

The Melanin Show

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YoQuieroDinero Podcast

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