These Billion Dollar Ecommerce Brands Are All Dropshipping. Here’s How!


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Today we are going to talk about a few billion dollar brands you did not know were dropshipping stores. And I’m super excited to break this down for you because for some reason there is this thought that dropshipping is new or obscure and there are billion dollar brands that are doing it and have been doing it. So we are about to get into it right now.

My name is Asia Abston, CEO of The Luxe Life Academy, and I have helped over 2000 digital entrepreneurs launch passive income streams. So make sure that you stick around to the end of this video to get this list of billion dollar dropshipping stores.


First up, Amazon. The biggest e-commerce brand in the world is also the biggest dropshipper in the world. Think about it like this. If you’ve ever ordered three items from Amazon and gotten them in three different packages, the reason is because Amazon is a massive dropshipping platform. They have their own thing called FBA, and that is fulfilled by Amazon where people like you and I who launch businesses can put our items up on Amazon’s marketplace and then fulfill them on the back end from our own third party independent brands. So if you ever thought that dropshipping was for the small guys, the richest man in the world is a dropshipper.


Next up is the massive giant furniture store, Wayfair. Wayfair was started by two people in their home and they learned how to crush it in the home goods niche. They opened 250 different websites in the home goods niche, and eventually they decided to collaborate all those websites together into the massive Wayfair platform that we know today. If you’ve ever bought from Wayfair and you got an item that came from a company that did not say Wayfair on the box, it’s because it is a dropshipping business and they are working with 10,000 different suppliers all over the world to get us our lamps and coffee tables, chile.


Third is one of the OG brands in the game, and that is Walmart. Massive, multi multi-billion dollar brand. Walmart launched the Walmart Marketplace and what that is is a place for third party sellers like us to sell our products on So not like Walmart stores where you go in and you have one selection of products, but on you have 10X the size selection of products because they work with third party sellers in order to be able to sell more products and tap into the dropshipping industry. And it is so smart for them and it is so useful for us to be able to reach all of those millions and millions of customers that we never would’ve been able to reach on our own because we don’t have the power of brand recognition and billion dollars of marketing like Walmart does. Yep, big dropshipping store. Walmart Marketplace was launched in 2009 and it added one million new products to

So in 2022, how many more products do you think that they’ve added and how many sellers like you and I do you think that they’ve added to their portfolio? Shout out to everybody dropshipping through Walmart.


Everybody’s favorite home store, Target. Yep, they also do dropshipping. Their program is a little bit different though. So Target Marketplace is pretty new. It just launched in 2019 and it’s different than the other brands we talked about because Target invites you to become a dropshipper on their platform. You can’t just launch on your own or you can’t just apply with them. They have to invite you to be a part of the program. But still, billion dollar company is dropshipping. Again, the products that you get inside of a Target are going to be one thing, but there are going to be, or there are rather 10X that amount of products on their website because they’re being fulfilled by people like me and you, dropshipping suppliers on the back end who are using Target as a marketplace to launch, grow, sell, 10X, scale their products behind the scenes.


This one is one of my faves because listening to this list, you’re probably thinking, “Okay, okay, cute, but that’s like discount vibes.” What are we doing in the high end space? And the answer is Nordstrom. Nordstrom, last year launched a dropship program, Nordstrom, baby, where we get all the fine goods. Yes, that billion dollar company is effectively a dropshipping store. So third party sellers in fashion and beauty can now sell through and have their orders shipped out to Nordstrom customers, which is amazing. I think it’s really innovative for them to tap into because there’s just so much money left on the table as a big retailer when you are making everybody go through this super rigorous process of being available in stores and every product ain’t right for in stores. So shout out to Nordstrom because they do not want to go down that Sears, JC Penny, Macy’s path where those big department stores are closed or falling apart completely because malls are dying, are dead. It’s not a thing. Everything is online. So Nordstrom is super, super smart for this and they partnered with massive dropshipping operations company DSCO to get it done.

So there you have it, a list of billion dollar brands that are in e-commerce the smartest, fastest, easiest, best way. I always have a question for you. Which one of those surprised you the most? Which one did you know about, or hell, did they all surprise you? I’m really curious to know what you think. Please leave a comment in the comment section because this kills me every time if you are super, super surprised about these big dropshipping brands. Now, if you want more information on this incredible business model, I’ve got a free dropshipping beginner’s masterclass that you can attend. Just click the link above and you can register to join me in class and learn all about this business model and learn how you can get into it for yourself so you can work remote, have passive income, be your own boss, all the good things that I’m obsessed with as far as dropshipping goes.


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